Services and Expertise

Gary Kaplan and his team of finance and accounting professionals offer their services in five bases all over the US, including Florida in the Southeast, New York, Maryland, and Washington D.C. in the east coast, and Utah in the west coast. The range of services that Gary Kaplan offers is designed to fit the needs of individuals and businesses today, while being appropriately tailored to the financial and tax laws and standards that may differ across the states that the firm provides licensed services.

The firm offers services in seven broad categories: Personal accounting, Business Accounting, IRS Audit Assistance, IRS representation, Tax preparation, and Tax Planning. All services offered by Gary Kaplan are inclusive of a free initial consultation.

Personal Accounting

One of the firm’s most valued client segments concerns individuals. Gary Kaplan recognizes the demands of efficiently and effectively maintaining the management of personal finance issues. Gary Kaplan offers personal accounting services to clients who wish to minimize the stress and errors brought about by the unprofessional management of personal finances. He does this while maximizing the value of every client’s finite financial resources.

Specifically, Gary Kaplan’s personal accounting services concern matters pertaining to cash and investment management and advice, advice and planning on various types of insurance (life insurance, educational plans, etc.), loan negotiation and debt restructuring, and tax advice. Gary Kaplan also offers advice to more charged issues on personal finance, such as divorce or legal settlements, and bankruptcy issues.

Business Accounting

Gary Kaplan has extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs reach their business goals and to ensure that business finances are managed most effectively. The business accounting services of Gary Kaplan have been found by many entrepreneurs (especially start-ups) to be immensely effective in ensuring that the business’s life blood is kept a close eye on.

The firm specializes in offering advice on tax and economic laws especially to business owners who are unfamiliar with them. Gary Kaplan is also experienced in the rigorous demands of business accounting which involves matters such as cash projections, budget analysis, bookkeeping, payroll management, and financial presentation for businesses looking to expand and gather the attention of investors.

IRS Audit Assistance and IRS Representation

No one is immune from random IRS Audits, or being flagged with tax controversies with the IRS. Once an individual or business is implicated in an IRS matter, it is of great importance that the matter is handled cautiously and responsibly. Else, the consequence of which could be back taxes and/or penalty payments.

Gary Kaplan recognizes the weight of importance that IRS business entails. The firm’s IRS services ensure that clients are fully prepared to resolve IRS issues with adequate and appropriate knowledge of their rights and recourses.

Tax Preparation

Whether a client is an individual or a business entity, ensuring that tax returns and tax payments are made with utmost responsibility and accuracy is no light matter. Errors in the declaration of tax statuses, exemptions, deductions, and benefits can result in unfortunate consequences with the IRS. Gary Kaplan offers tax preparation services to ensure that clients fulfill their tax duties.

Tax Planning

Throughout Gary Kaplan’s practice, it is not an uncommon occurrence for clients to be unaware of the ways by which they can minimize their tax responsibilities in a way that is permitted by the law. Gary Kaplan’s tax planning services allow clients to minimize their tax expenditures by arranging financial matters in a way that makes it possible to do so. This allows clients to make the most of their hard-earned incomes.

Forensic Accounting

The forensic accounting services offered by Gary Kaplan are designed to ensure that clients are protected and effectively represented by hard facts in the event that they are undergoing a legal dispute or case as regards their financial history. These cases may involve issues such as fraud allegations, and the like. Forensic accounting allows clients to have a factual and sound basis for defending their case.

This is also a service fit for individuals or businesses who are currently under fire (legally) and need professional forensic accounting services.